About – My Japanese Translations

My Japanese Translations

皆さん こんにちは! Hello Everyone!

About me:

I am a language enthusiast and have grown up speaking  four languages – Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and English, though my Marathi is a bit rusty. I can also read and understand Urdu very well. Then I learnt Arabic on my own up to the level where I could read 4th grade Egyptian and Palestinian textbooks. I was unable to continue learning due to personal reasons and hope to continue from where I left off in the near future.

Currently I have started studying Japanese and am serious about getting to N1 and hopefully work freelance in Japanese to English translations and also study more about linguistics in general and continue my understanding of human communication. By the way I am a software engineer but don’t enjoy the IT field and want to pursue a career in languages.

About this blog:

The primary aim of this blog is to practice what I have learned about Japanese and what I am learning currently and will learn in the future. My plan is to everyday translate an article from NHK News Web Easy website translate articles or stories in the public domain and then discuss the grammar, vocabulary and other things that I can make note of.

(I did not get permission from NHK to continue translating their articles and so will look for books and articles in the public domain to publish on this site.)

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