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Asking senior citizens to work

Hello Everyone – お元気ですか?

In this article I will be translating a news article form NHK News Web Easy that talks about the increase in the number of companies asking senior citizens to work due to shortage of workers. Let’s dive into the translation!

First comes the vocabulary list:

  • 働く (はたらく) – to work
  • 働く人 (はたらく ひと) – working person, worker
  • 足りない (たりない) – insufficient, not enough
  • お年寄り (おとしより) – elderly people, senior citizens
  • 仕事 (しごと) – job, work
  • 頼む (たのむ) – to request, to ask
  • 生活 (せいかつ) – life
  • 手伝い (てつだい) – help
  • 会員 (かいいん) – member
  • 約 (やく) – approximately, about
  • 平均 (へいきん) – average
  • 紹介する (しょうかいする)  – to introduce
  • 団体 (だんたい) – organizations
  • 工場 (こうじょう) – factory
  • 幼稚園 (ようちえん) – kindergarten
  • 増える (ふえる) – to increase
  • 事故 (じこ) – accidents
  • 安全 (あんぜん) – safety
  • 専門家 (せんもんか) – experts

Now that’s a long list. It is longer and not so easy than the previous articles I have translated. Link to the original article: click here.

Original Text:







My Translation:

The number of companies employing senior citizens due to lack of workforce is increasing

“Silver Jinzai Center” helps senior citizens live a healthy life. The center has about 7,30,000 members with an average age of 72 years.

NHK asked 1300 centers in February this year and around 900 of them had introduced jobs to senior citizens. Due to shortage in workforce, increasing number of companies and organizations are employing the elderly.

Around 4,30,000 senior citizens are placed by the centers in one month, which is 3.4 times more than four years ago. Most of them are placed in supermarkets, or as factory workers or as bus drivers for kindergarten, etc.

Accidents of the elderly placed by the centers is also increasing. Last year there were 473 cases of accidents , 6.7 times higher than four years ago. Most of the accidents occurred while driving buses, etc.

Experts say that the companies and organizations should pay attention to the safety of their senior citizen employees.

Points and notes:

  • It was not easy translating this article but it was fun.
  • 仕事を頼む – means to request to work but in this case, to me, the appropriate meaning seems to employ.
  • 仕事紹介した – It literally means to introduce a job, here the meaning seems to be to get someone a job, to place someone in a company.
  • Also if someone could correct any English mistakes or suggest better words or sentences for any part of the translation would be very helpful.

Looking forward to translating a new article. またね!


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