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E-sports in Ibaraki

Hello Everyone – こんにちは!お元気ですか?

In this post I will translate an article from NHK News Web Easy that talks about an e-sports competition being hosted in Japan. Let us first go through the vocabulary list-

  • 秋 (あき) – autumn, fall
  • 茨城県 (いばらきけん) – Ibaraki prefecture
  • 都道府県 (とどうふけん) – Prefectures of Japan
  • 代表 (だいひょう) – representatives
  • 試合 (しあい) – match, game
  • 大会 (たいかい) – tournament, convention
  • 開く (ひらく) – to open, to hold ( in this case I guess it could be, to host)
  • 戦う (たたかう) – to compete
  • 盛ん (さかん) – popular
  • 決めます (きめます) – to decide
  • 知事 (ちじ) – prefectural governor

Link to the original text: click here.

Now let us look at the original text:





Below is my translation of the text:

Ibaraki will host a tournament for computer games next year

Ibaraki will be hosting a sports tournament next fall that will have representatives from all the prefectures of Japan. Ibaraki has announced that at the same time  it will also host an “e-sports” tournament. Similar to a sports game, players in “e-sports” compete in computer games and is very popular in United States, South Korea, etc.

According to Ibaraki prefecture, matches will be played in every prefecture and the representatives will be decided and around 300 representatives will appear in the tournament.

The governor of Ibaraki said, ” ‘e-sports’ allows young and old, men and women everyone to enjoy and have fun”.

The translation might seem smaller than the original text as it is not a literal translation and I have tried to translate in a way the article would have been published in English. Thank you for reading and will tackle another article tomorrow. じゃまた。


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