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Edo period like Go played in Kyoto

Hello Everyone – 調子どう

Today I will be translating an article from NHK News Web Easy that is about a Go (game) match that took place in the Nijo castle in Kyoto. Let’s check out the vocabulary for today’s article:

  • 城 (しろ) – castle
  • 江戸時代 (えどじだい) – Edo period
  • 囲碁 (いご) – Go (game) . You can read about it more here.
  • 試合 (しあい) – match
  • 世界遺産 (せかいいさん) – world heritage
  • 本因坊 (ほんいんぼう) – Haninbo, grand master of the game of Go
  • 取る (とる) – to take, to win
  • 将軍 (しょうぐん) – Shogun. Read more here.
  • 行う (おこなう) – to perform, to do, to carry out
  • 市長 (しちょう) – Mayor

Let’s see what the original text is:

Link to the original text: click here.

Original Text:

京都市 城の中で江戸時代のように囲碁の試合をする



My Translation

Edo period like Go game played in Kyoto city castle

On 23rd May, a match of Go was played inside the Nijo castle, a World Heritage Site, in the Kyoto city. Yuta Iyama and Keigo Yamashita competed for the “Honinbo” title in the match.

During the Edo period, a match of Go played in front of the Shogun was called Oshirogo”. The match played on the 23rd, began in the same way as Oshirogo. Iyama and Yamashita both wore Kimono for the match. The mayor of Kyoto,Kadokawa, also wore Kimono and watched the match like a Shogun.

Points and notes:

  • This was a rather small and simple article to translate. I did come accross a new phrase though, 呼ばれていました. Not sure if it is interchangeable with という.
  • Incidentally the winner of the game is not mentioned in the article.

Thanks for reading. じゃねえ。



2 thoughts on “Edo period like Go played in Kyoto”

    1. Thank you so much. Unfortunately I will have to stop translating NHK news articles as I did not get permission from them to continue.


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